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Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Dallas

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery has decreased substantially over the last two years. If it is deemed that you qualify due to medical necessity is possible you will incur little or no cost at all. Continuously improving patient outcomes demonstrate that surgery has been an effective cure certain types of diabetes, hypertension and other severe health conditions.    

According to the National Institute of Health: "Batiatric Surgery patients show a dramatic and sustained improvement in the quality of their lives beyond the extent of their weight loss".  Multiple studies continue to prove that that patients who have undergone bariatric surgery have greater earning potential and see less discrimination in the current job market.  There are now many reasons to consider lap band surgery that are beyond the immediate health benefits.


This could be one a great opportunity for you to take advantage of this procedure and accomplish your personal weight loss goals as well as improve your overall physical and mental health.

What to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon About Gastric Sleeve Cost

  • What is the cost?

  • What does the cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy include? Some bariatric surgeons will quote one all-encompassing price, while others will quote the surgery cost only and not take into account pre-op tests, hospital charges, follow-up care and counseling.

  • How much will the secondary bariatric surgery cost if I should need another surgery?

  • Will I get a discount on the second bariatric surgery?

  • Will my insurer cover all or part of the surgery cost?

  • Will my insurer cover the cost of complications or re-operations after gastric sleeve surgery?

  • Do you offer patient financing plans to help with gastric sleeve cost?



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